10 Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Let’s face it, we all want to lose the extra fat and be thin. We would be fooling ourselves if we thought otherwise. Losing weight not only helps us physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Let’s keep the weight off and start off 2018 the right way by following these 10 tips on how to lose weight and keep it off for the long term.

1. Stop Eating Chips
Eating chips provides no nutritional sustenance, and is considered a really bad food. One bag of the XXTra Flaming Hot Cheetos Brand chips, if you were to eat the entire bag, would be 560 calories! That’s a nice prepared meal. Consider making yourself a meal, if you want to curb the hunger, rather than eating the bag of chips, because chances are, you are going to want to eat MORE afterwards, because you will get even more hungry.

2. Eat Fast Food Only Once a Week
Not only can you shed those pounds quickly, but you will also keep them off, and save yourself a lot of money by only eating fast food once a week. We get it, you live a busy lifestyle and it’s very easy to order a vegetarian burger off of Burger King, but every day? Try to make that your ritual. Own it. Make it your weekly getaway. Not your daily vice. Eat out once a week and you will begin to see the wonders unfold in various aspects of your life.

3. Limit Cheese
Does your sandwich really need those extra 75 calories? Over time, those calories add up. Think about dropping the cheese, besides, does it really add any extra flavor? After eating sandwiches without cheese for a while, you won’t even notice the difference. Add extra tomatoes and lettuce to compensate!

4. Avoid Eating Too Many Simple Carbohydrates 
Simple carbohydrates like bread and tortillas will make you fat and increase your weight. We don’t want that. Rather than eating chicken tacos, try substituting the taco shell with a hefty leaf of lettuce or cabbage, it’s really good! A bunless burger becomes a whole new experience when you cut up the meat and veggies, and make yourself instead a type of southern salad. Doing this lowers calorie intake while keeping the tummy nice and happy.

5. Eat More Fruits 
This is a no brainer. Eating apples, oranges, grapes, pears and bananas are a great energy boost and curb the hunger. Rather than eating a big bowl of sugary cereal in the morning, pick up a mango, or make yourself a natural fruit juice shake with pulp. Can’t go wrong with that! It will give you amazing energy and curb your hunger very quickly.

6. When Going Shopping, Park Towards the Back
Far too many of us always hope to find a parking spot close to the entrance of the establishment. Rather than looping around the lanes hoping to find a nice spot, park towards the back and walk! Walking is a great way to burn calories, and if we do this every time we go shopping, we will accumulate calories burned and contribute towards our weight loss and overall diet and health wellness.

7. Avoid Sugary Drinks Like the Plague
Never consume your calories in liquid form. They will never fill you up and they will leave you wanting more. All that sugar is not good for us and if we want to lose weight we need to cut back on our consumption of it. Once in a while is okay, but drinking sugary drinks every day is not acceptable. Substitute with unsweetened tea or water for best results.

8. If You’re Hungry, Drink Water
If you are hungry, drink water first. Most of the time, we are just thirsty. Drink at least 1 tall glass of water and wait 10 minutes. You might find that your hunger has subsided. Eat only when you are one hundred percent sure that you are hungry.

9. Eat More Vegetables
Eating vegetables is a great way to consume food without getting all those calories. Veggies like celery can actually cause you to lose weight even faster because your body uses up more energy to digest the food than what it actually has. Eat a salad, limit your dressing and croutons, nibble on some broccoli and carrots on a daily basis and you’re well on your way to becoming the you, that you want to become.

10. Eat What You Want, In Portions
You can ignore the above 9 tips and just follow this one if you like. You can eat what you want and even have some cake too, but, you must limit yourself. Read the labels, if you want to eat chips, you can have some, but are you going to eat the entire bag or just a couple? The choice is yours. Eat free, eat with pride, but make sure you eat with care.

These 10 tips, if you follow them, will help you lose weight and keep it off long term. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, the first of many to come here on DietHealth.org. Comment below and follow us on Facebook! Thank you.

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